Sensitive transport of Pharmaceutical Products

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The transport of medicines is clearly associated with the control and quality. Therefore require a number of existing laws, a maximum control in the distribution of pharmaceutical products.

Both the European Union and the Spanish government regulate the sector with different laws.

There is a large number of these products, which require temperature controlled storage and transport within the range of 2°C to 8 ºC, of leaving the production place up to the delivery. The most critical point in the cooling chain is transport.

It must be remembered that only a short time outside the recommended temperatures for certain products, which can seriously affect.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates the fact that 25% of the medicaments those arrive at their place of destination in an unsatisfactory or even ineffective condition is.
(Source: Alastair Black, “E-Logistics in Cold chain management”)

Our Equipment

– double evaporator / partition (to start around different temperatures or two different receivers without interrupting the chill chain)
– double floor (maximum load of 66 palettes)
– modulation mode (no divergence of the preset temperature)
– door sensors (against theft and manipulation)
– temperature protocol via satellite everything 5 min from the vehicle

Our Service

– 24 hours of monitoring
– advice of the vehicle status (position/temperature) about the entire transportation process for the customer by E-Mail possible
– vehicle status (position/temperature) by E-Mail with arrival receiver before unloading
– trucks with 2 drivers around “just in time” to guarantee