Fresh products transport

b-tk33Service for Fresh Products

The current Fresh Logistics is dominated by central procurement and distribution with the  consequence of storage from economically motivated reasons, even against the backdrop of large transport lot sizes.

But it must be made to approach that freshness logistics has to be guided by the momentum of the fresh products and the process and volume orientation (large quantity at low price) and thus counter the wrong approach.

It is misjudged, the ageing processes and ruin processes of other fruit kinds accelerate the freshness products not only by the mechanical stress of the loading and unloading, but also by ageing processes and unacceptable storage (certain fruit and vegetable kinds and vegetable kinds) considerably lose in quality.

On the other hand, need meat, fish, (above all, full) cakes and pastries, milk and milk products as well as delicatessen a carefully controlled transport, possibly without interruption of the cooling chain.

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